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@uamemesforces. Source of the best Ukrainian memes. … Ukrainian Memes Forces is making memes. If you would like to support our work, you can buy us a …

Ukraine Memes for NATO Teens (@LivFaustDieJung) / Twitter

Ukraine Memes for NATO Teens. @LivFaustDieJung. ‘Prolific shitposter’,. @realscottritter. was convicted & jailed for pedophilia & attempting to rape …

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Ukraine / Україна – Twitter

Ukraine government organization – Twitter

Ukrainian Memes Forces on Twitter: “”

Ukraine / Україна on Twitter: “This is not a ‘meme’, but our …

Ukraine government organization – Twitter

How Ukraine wages a meme war on Twitter – Protocol

Ukraine has used memes and sarcasm to talk about Russia on Twitter for years. Experts said the country could be using sarcasm as a way to assert its sovereignty over Russia, but in wartime, it’s also a sign that Ukraine is using every means to ask other countries for help.

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